Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Re-Rig (Rope) an Internal Cam Cleat Flagpole

Internal Cam Cleat Flagpole Cam Cleat
Rope Halyard System
with Cam Cleat
Internal V Cleat Flagpole Internal V Cleat Flagpole Model
Internal Stationary Truck
Note: Rope Option Only
This is a flag flyers guide to replacing roped cable on internal halyard flagpoles. How do you know if your flagpole is internal halyard and has a cam cleat? An internal flagpole keeps the  rope on the inside of the pole shaft. The diagram above shows a flagpole with an internal stationary truck with a cam cleat system. We will be focusing on cam action cleat systems and how to replace the roped cable in this How-To article. Visit:

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